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My musings on meaningful matters and mischievous mechanisms.

Find here: Art, writing and other creative resources. Life philosophy and positive self worth. Craziness and fandorking galore. My other blogging topics vary, see my Tags Directory linked above for specifics. I probably like coffee, Transformers and Dragon Age a little too much.

If my creative works inspire you to create something of your own, please share with me! If you ever want to use my artwork for whatever reason, please credit my Tumblr or DeviantArt page as the source, as well as let me know via Ask/Submit/Reblog.. ;) Thank you!

This blog is occasionally NSFW.
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Lineart for rurukatt's Hel! That sultry lady drae!

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imagine your OTP having lazy saturday morning sex, eyes half open, early-morning sun washing across the bed, sheets tangled around their legs. it’s nothing too intense, warmth and messy tenderness, faces buried into each other’s necks and pleasure shivering down their spines

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Success! Laptop works now!

quick 15min celebratory doodle:D

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Photography: Ary Regis Lima


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Okay boys…NOW FUCK. 



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